Andy Heer

Scottish Conservative Councillor

Howe of Fife & Tay Coast

Please use the contact page to contact me directly.

However you can report many problems directly to the appropriate service at Fife Council by using the links below:

Potholes / Road Defects

Click here to report non-emergency problems with roads, pavements or signs. You can also use this form to report damage to bus shelters or bus stops.

Please telephone 08451 55 00 11 between 8am and 8pm if you wish to report a fault relating to the following as these are classified as emergencies:

  • road traffic signals
  • large hole
  • manhole covers missing
  • icy or slippery roads
  • major spillages/debris/obstructions (minor spillages - pass to environmental services)

To report an emergency out of hours please call 08451 55 00 99.

Street Lighting Faults

Click here for an online form which allows you to report lighting faults quickly and easily.

Transportation Service is responsible for the repair of all street lighting faults. Non-working/faulty street lights and damaged lighting may be reported by completing this street lighting form or telephoning:

  • 08451 55 00 11 between 8am and 8pm
  • Out of hours please report faults on 08451 55 00 99 immediately.

However, if the light has any of the issues below please phone 03451 55 00 99. The Council will attend and make safe within two hours

  • Traffic signals broken
  • 6 or more lights out in a street
  • Post damaged or knocked down
  • Door is off
  • Bare wires are exposed
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