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  • Separation task force shows SNP’s priorities

    Jan 17, 2021 | 12:34 pm

    The SNP have been slammed for launching a new Indyref2 “task force” in the middle of a pandemic.SNP deputy leader Keith Brown said today that the new task force will launch in the coming days, which will apparently be the “final piece in the jigsaw” to separate the country.Freedom of Information requests by the Scottish Conservatives recently revealed that the SNP Government’s official position is to hold indyref2 this year.  SNP constitution minister Mike Russell told an Australian government official it should be held before ‘the end of 2021.’The SNP have also refused Scottish Conservatives calls to drop their Referendum[…]

  • Flagship SNP victim scheme delayed by six weeks

    Jan 17, 2021 | 01:00 am

    The SNP have delayed a flagship scheme to support victims and their families by six weeks, the Scottish Conservatives can reveal.First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said the Victim Surcharge Fund would open by the end of last year, in response to Ruth Davidson at First Ministers Questions.However, it opened on January 14 and will close for applications on 12 February.Shadow Justice Secretary Liam Kerr discovered the delays after asking the SNP Government if any victim support organisations had been able to apply to the fund by the end of 2020.A week after his question, they disclosed the opening date, but did not explain the[…]

  • Sturgeon ‘misled public’ in presentation of care home report

    Jan 16, 2021 | 15:32 pm

    Nicola Sturgeon “misled the public” by cherry-picking flawed and confusing lines from a report on Covid-positive patients sent to care homes, the Scottish Conservatives have said.A new study by the Office for Statistics Regulation (OSR) found that the SNP’s report on care home deaths “could be confusing” and “there are lessons to be learnt from this case” for the Scottish Government.The OSR study took issue with the presentation of a conclusion that Nicola Sturgeon cited in the daily briefing when the care home report was published.The First Minister said in her briefing that “The overall conclusion is as I have[…]

  • Less than a tenth of SNP funding paid to businesses

    Jan 15, 2021 | 17:24 pm

    The SNP have paid out less than a tenth of promised funding to businesses, delivering just £55 million out of the £715 million they have announced.At First Minister’s Questions this week, Nicola Sturgeon said £715 million “has been allocated to business support since October” and she claimed “£600 million is live.”The latest available figures, announced in a Scottish Government press release late on Friday, show just £55 million has been paid out.In the Strategic Framework Business Fund alone, which is one of around 30 funds, more than 4,000 businesses are waiting for an answer on their application.It comes as another[…]

  • Vaccine progress ‘stalled’ at 3,000 doses off-target each day

    Jan 15, 2021 | 16:50 pm

    Progress on the Covid vaccine rollout has “stalled” as new figures show the SNP Government are 3,000 behind daily targets.The number of vaccinations each day has remained below 17,000 for three days in a row.Tuesday’s figure was 16,023, rising slightly to 16,242 on Wednesday and then 16,633 on Thursday.The SNP Government have set a target of vaccinating 560,000 people by the end of January.To meet that target in the remaining 17 days (including today) of the month, a total of 335,160 people would need to be vaccinated – or 19,700 per day.At the moment, the SNP are therefore 3,000 doses[…]

  • Freeman accused of Ministerial Code breach

    Jan 15, 2021 | 14:08 pm

    SNP health secretary Jeane Freeman has been accused of potentially breaching the Ministerial Code by revealing confidential Covid vaccine details.Yesterday, the SNP Government removed their vaccine plan just hours after it was published because it contained sensitive information.The day before, Freeman revealed a vaccine location that Scottish Government officials insisted “should not be reported” because of “security protocols around Covid-19.”The Ministerial Code states ministers must respect the “confidentiality and security” of government business because “failure to maintain good security can cause damage to the interests and reputation of the government.”Scottish Conservative health spokesman, Donald Cameron MSP, said: “There is a[…]

  • Confusion over bakery and takeaway guidance

    Jan 14, 2021 | 16:10 pm

    Bakeries across Scotland have been left confused if they’re able to sell hot food takeaways after a lack of guidance from the SNP Government.The chief executive of Scottish Bakers raised concerns about the lack of “clarity” over food-to-go and the lack of evidence supplied to back up the new restrictions.Ewan MacDonald-Russell of the Scottish Retail Consortium also said today “we have not been given any specific evidence that there is actually a risk with click and collect, with retail, or indeed with takeaway that's affected too. There is no extra new evidence.”The Scottish Conservatives have repeatedly raised the need for[…]

  • Fishing compensation should be brought forward

    Jan 14, 2021 | 16:09 pm

    Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross has urged “vital” compensation for the fishing industry to be brought forward and delivered immediately.He added that both of Scotland’s governments must stop turning fishing exports into a constitutional battle over Brexit and focus on fixing the problems.Raising the issue with DEFRA secretary George Eustice in the House of Commons, Douglas Ross asked that the UK Government deliver compensation for unavoidable export losses.Douglas Ross is also today calling on the Scottish Government to accept their side of responsibility and deal with ongoing issues involving their agency, Food Standards Scotland, which are holding up exports within[…]

  • Sturgeon won't reveal details of £54,000 Salmond Inquiry ‘coaching'

    Jan 14, 2021 | 16:08 pm

    Nicola Sturgeon has failed to reveal key details about £54,000 spent on preparing civil servants for giving evidence to the Alex Salmond Inquiry. The SNP government spent taxpayers’ money on “external assistance” to help senior civil servants get ready for their appearances at the Holyrood committee. But Ms Sturgeon claims she does not know which individual or organisation received the money or details about the service they provided. Her failure to disclose the information at her daily briefing today comes in the wake of increasing frustration by MSPs over SNP attempts to block the inquiry. Some witnesses have forgotten crucial details, four of six[…]

  • SNP forced to pull vaccination plan after blunders

    Jan 14, 2021 | 12:55 pm

    The SNP Government have been forced to remove a Covid vaccination plan just hours after it was published.The plan included sensitive details around vaccine supply that could put at risk the number of vaccine doses that can be obtained.A UK Government source has told the Press Association that: "The reason we didn't want to publish these figures was because everyone in the world wants these vaccines, and if other countries see how much we are getting they are likely to put pressure on the drug firms to give them some of our allocation."Scottish Conservative health spokesman, Donald Cameron MSP, said:[…]

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